Friday, May 24, 2013

Week 3: Replace Bronzer

For week 3 of my Small & Simple Make-over Challenge, I've decided to swap out one of my most used make-up items: bronzer. I don't use foundation, so bronzer is all I use for color. I was happy to find that bronzer is one of the easiest cosmetics to make on your own. I found the base for this recipe over at one of my favorite resources, Wellness Mama. Not only does it work wonderfully, but it smells delicious! I was worried about how it would feel on, but it goes on very well. If you already have a moisturized face, it works even better.

Chocolate Cinnamon Bronzer
Cocoa Powder
Arrowroot Powder
Hibiscus Flower Powder

Start with small amounts and blend to make your perfect shade. Hibiscus flower adds more pink, cocoa powder adds a deep brown and cinnamon is a nice neutral brown.

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